winFuzz is a security researching fuzzer for windows that behaves more as a precise debugger than a normal random fuzzer. This is done by isolating points (fuzzPoints) in arbitrary files to be tested against programs and/or remote services to attempt to cause memory corruption scenarios in the form of integer and/or buffer overflows.

(I made winFuzz essentially because I couldn't find a (arbitrary memory corruption) fuzzer that did the things I wanted(outside of 'taof', which I took some ideas from). So, I figured i'd make a fuzzer that did what I wanted and the way I wanted...and here we are)

winFuzz Download: Download (version

Video Demonstrations (the only documentation I made :/)

(any popup/captions during the video you want to read you will want to pause for, as I don't keep them on the screen long)

winFuzz Local Video Demo: Watch
winFuzzGather / winFuzz Remote Video Demo: Watch

(as of now I'm using Pedram Amini's debugger(crash.exe->debug.exe) for local fuzzing, so credit goes to him for that)