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::: ipv6 pinger / portscan back online :::
After a non-functional period check.socketsix.com's basic ipv6
ping/portscan is now back in action.

link: http://check.socketsix.com
::: free information hosting project :::
This is still in its beta phase.  It's a simple service to host
arbitrary static (informational) webpages.

link: http://hosted.info

Resources uploaded will be accessed like:

::: the geek.name project :::
I decided to make a project recently to find unregistered domain
names, the site is pay-free/ad-free, just going back to my roots
of making a project for the fun of it.

link: http://geek.name
link: http://rss.geek.name
link: http://blog.geek.name